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Default Re: The Wrestling Thread will give you all the stuffing you can handle

Exclusive: Former IC Champion Gets Drunk, Claims Jerry Lawler's Heart Attack Was A Work

by Chris Cash
December 03, 2012

Former WWE(F) Intercontinental Champion, Honky Tonk Man (Roy Farris), acted out in a drunken stupor during the Blizzard Brawl after-party on Saturday night/early Sunday morning, WrestleZone was told, and goaded Brian Christopher Lawler into a confrontation as a result. One source told me that the situation got so heated and personal, it was a shock things didn't turn physical.

Honky Tonk Man is the first cousin of Jerry "The King" Lawer, as their moms were sisters, and of course, Brian is Jerry's son.

I was told that Honky started bad-mouthing Jerry excessively to Brian during the after-party, claiming that Lawler's recent heart attack was either a work, or at the very least, sensationalized and exploited by WWE for publicity and ratings purposes.

I contacted Brian Lawler and he confirmed the story. He said Honky was claiming it must have been a work because no doctor would allow Jerry to eat steak and eggs just a few days after a heart attack.

"I flew to Montreal and was there with my father just nine hours after the heart attack, so I know it was very real and wasn't a work," Brian told WrestleZone.

Another source told me that Honky was screaming at the top of his lungs during the confrontation and kept saying to Brian, "Your father is a piece of *****", over and over. This prompted Brian to start throwing popcorn in Honky's face before a couple of spectators finally convinced Brian to leave the room.

One source told me, "The old Brian Lawler would have tried to kill Honky for saying those things about his father, but Lawler just walked away this time."

To make an embarrassing situation even more embarrassing, several eye witnesses later saw Honky Tonk Man peeing on the floor of the same meeting area where the whole incident took place.

He was then caught passed out at a table in the breakfast area of the hotel before finally catching a shuttle to the airport.

It was a very bizarre situation and the several people I've talked to today all agreed that Honky Tonk Man was out of line and being very disrespectful toward Jerry and Brian.

I have reached out to Honky Tonk Man for a response, but have not received one at the time of this writing.

Former WWE Writer Talks About Unwritten Airplane Rules, Vince's Sense Of Humor

by Bill Pritchard
December 03, 2012 posted the following information about former WWE writer, John Carle, appearing on their PWTorch Livecast interview segment. Carle talked about the unwritten rules for flying with Vince McMahon, his sense of humor, and more:
On a specific 'prank' Vince pulled after a writer fell asleep:
"Funniest thing I ever saw on the plane - there is always the rule that if Vince is not sleeping on the plane, then you do not sleep on the plane. Again, unsaid, unwritten rule and Vince will never ever tell you that, but if you fall asleep on the plane, someone is going to mess with you,"

"One of the directors - I will withhold his name - fell asleep on the plane and Vince started taking the cashews and throwing them at him. Like, one or two at a time, and there was no reaction. He was out cold and not waking up from this.

"Then, Vince just said screw it and took the entire tin of cashews, threw it at this director, and they go all over the plane. All of us don't know if this is awkward or if we should just break out laughing at this point. To this director's credit, because he had been in the company long enough to know when take his lumps and when to pick his fights, he opened his eyes, looked around, saw the nuts all over the place, and said, 'Um, Vince, I think you dropped your nuts.' And then it was a big laugh for everyone. He knew how to handle the situation and that's why this guy is one of the survivors in the company because he played that part perfect. Vince got his laugh and got to throw stuff at him, then it wasn't a fight that came out of it, just people letting off steam."

You can listen to the interview at the following link. (Credit to PWTorch for the transcription)

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