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Default Re: OFFICIAL Rate & Review the Amazing Spider-Man! - Part 1

Originally Posted by moviedoors View Post
Everything. I have no idea who that man was other than "I miss ma' arm!" and that doesn't cut it.
What did we know about Norman other than that he was about to lose his job and then went on a killing spree and power trip? We might not learn much about Connor's personal life, but we learn what kind of person he is. That he dreams of becoming complete again and to help others just like him. But no matter how much he wants his arm back, he refuses to experiment on people because the procedure isn't safe enough yet. So we know about his morals as well.

He experiments on himself and loses his mind to the Lizard. In a twisted way, he tries to help the people of the city, because he realizes how much the serum improves him, making him immune to disease and injuries. It's a gift to be shared with mankind.

Maybe he didn't get the best character development and it's a damn shame they didn't use his family in the Movie, but even then I think he was better handled than Norman Osborn. Both had a very similar arc. Two scientists who were about to lose everything and experimented on themselves in a last ditch effort. But with Connor's I got a better sense of his goals and motivation. Norman was just nuts and wanted to rule the city, without really delving into how he was going to accomplish that. Blow up anyone in his way?

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