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Default Re: Ultimate Spider-Man animated series discussion thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by GamerSlyRatchet View Post
*cough*SSM Doc Ock*cough*
Check the Doc Ock appreciation thread in CBR
Originally Posted by CBR me
He's scary looking Ozzie Osbourne Spider-Man was unable to catch until Iron Man helped him, and if not for Spidey's role Ock could have kicked Iron Man out of his pants. In the first fight episode Spider-Man was unable to beat him, and Ock escaped after Norman's attempt to kill him and Spidey's failed attempt to rescue him from drwoning
In the last arc Ock was able to show Norman he's boss, at least for a few minutes
I hope he makes an honorbale return and give Norman the well deserved pummeling
And Tom Kenny is awesome, I like him more as Iron Man, but he sounds -unexpectedly- awesome as Ock

TSSM version is awesome, clearly the most faithful to the classic Lee/Ditko & a touch of Romita. If not for Slott's work on the character I think I would like TSSM's Ock more than 616 Ock

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