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Default Re: The Wrestling Thread will give you all the stuffing you can handle

Originally Posted by Big Green View Post
Congrats on being the only Ryback fan in this thread. I can't stand him, his stupid one-liners are terrible. I almost vomited when the crowd started chanting "feed me more" everytime the shield showed up.

I just don't see him being a long-term thing in the WWE, but they will beat him to death, till he gets over.
I still suspect that the ascension of Ryback is an elaborate prank being pulled on me by WWE.

I mean, it seems like only yesterday when Ryback was struggling to get over squashing jobbers on TV. I clearly remember watching those early segments and not getting it, wondering if it was some kind of rib. You know when they'd have the hilariously overblown buildup of people in the locker room gathering round the monitor round the back to watch, then during and after the match they'd almost be making fun of Ryback's extreme jobber-squashing powers, kinda undercutting his credibility. The guy seemed less legit in his squashes than BRODUS CLAY, who had been repackaged as the Funkasaurus around the same time. His segments seemed like good toilet breaks, but nothing more than that. The crowd were either silent or chanted "GOLDBERG!" at him. He seemed destined to be another failed prospect that would be shuffled back to developmental after enduring dead air in his segments for a while longer.

Then suddenly, seemingly with zero transition, he went to challenging CM Punk for the WWE Title. And suddenly he was being pushed very hard, constantly, and everyone was making out what a huge deal he was, this time without their tongues in their cheeks. And worst of all, fans suddenly started REACTING to him. I went to a live show in Glasgow, and there were Ryback T-shirts everywhere, the crowd were screaming "FEED...ME...MORE!" all night. Do we really hate Cena that much that we'll go google-eyed over someone with a fraction of his talent being shoehorned into the top spot just because he's someone different?

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