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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
It wouldn't take every New Yorker filing suits to cause a massive headache for Tony. Knowing human nature, some would be bound to sue. If even a few major property owners laid claims for damages Tony could be tied up in litigation with heavy costs for legal fees. There would be insurance on the property, of course, but any insurer worth its salt would find a way to avoid paying out, leaving Stark with the financial burden. Black probably won't go with that, but if he did it could be part of The Mandarin's plot to destroy Tony.

Senator Whatsisface was making noises at the end of the movie about holding the team responsible for what happened. We've all seen how senate and congressional hearings can be used IRL to gin up all manner of problems for corporations. They had already been after Tony to give up the Iron Man armor before. Even though the Air Force has War Machine, they don't have Stark's schematics or his manufacturing process. The invasion could give the government another excuse to try and seize the whole shebang, once and for all.
Yes, given the litigious nature of this country, there's no doubt that "in the real world," folks would be lining up to sue the Avengers for the Battle of Manhattan. But I strongly doubt Marvel Studios or audiences want to get bogged down in that level of boring courtroom drama. And from a screenwriting standpoint, I'd say that Stark Industries has enough legal resources to shoot those lawsuits down; plus Nick Fury has a vested interest in the Avengers, and would certainly bring all his considerable political power to bear in Tony's favor.

IM3 has enough on its plate already; let's not bring the lawyers in, too.


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