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Default Re: The Wrestling Thread will give you all the stuffing you can handle

The things I hate about Ryback:

His matches never seem to flow very well, his moves just don't do it for me. (the Lou Thez press into throwing the opponents head on the mat, it just never looks good)

The only times he ever seems to take damage in a match is at the PPV's, every person he fights is a scared B**** in the ring.

His promos/entrance is terrible, at least give him some pyrotechnics.

He's an amalgamation of past superstars who did his gimmick better.

Cena for as much as I dislike his character, can at least put on an entertaining match. How long can they play out this "unstoppable" gimmick?

I fear that the WWE is gonna feed him Lesnar at some point, and that will be when I give up completely. At least I don't have to worry about him beating a Rock or Austin.

I had a good dream that Undertaker beats him in a casket match, and I never have to see Skip-Back ever again.

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