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Default Re: Discussion: Conspiracies and Cover Ups

Originally Posted by enterthemadness View Post
I knew Mark Dice wasn't in any list of being a fake. ho yeah boo yeah.

And **** people that want to destroy the LP.
It's compelling, coupled with videos of Alex Jones being asked if he's cointelpro on his own show, and then promptly hanging up the phone in response. I know for a fact now Ted Gunderson is FBI and COINTELPRO, and he's responsible for a lot of the "evidence" he produces are the same documents and evidence Gunderson mysteriously produces. Yup, all COINTELPRO forgeries. Even the Bohemian Grove is a COINTELPRO invention. Basically the Grove is just a music/arts festival with 2700 members, not a secret society although many wealthy people attend. It's a rich man's burning man. But the men in cloaks in fact are not the Bush family or any member of the 'Elite' as best anyone can tell.

I also wondered why all conspiracy evidence linked back to a small pool of private investigators and FBI agents.

Turns out it's all faked on behalf of COINTELPRO.

That's funny.

I laughed so hard when I found Gunderson's cover had been blown.

Also, the Birther movement was issued a faked Kenyan BC along with other "evidence" all faked by COINTELPRO programs. Lol.

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