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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - Part 18

Originally Posted by Smallville13 View Post
I don't really think so. I mean if you want to make it sharper and more properly aligned or something you run the risk of making it look too doctored, staged, and well... just fake looking.

I think the blur is done to draw the eye into the center. The soldiers are blurred on the sides. Supes is sharper and features the red accents. It's really cleverly done to stand out, not to mention it's not the generic poster we're used to seeing for genre films so it will stand out when displayed in theatres. I think the fact that it's thought-provoking too whilst answering no questions. 'Why is Superman being captive by the military?' it forces people to ask?

Everyone is saying that it's an exact shot from the film. But watching the Comic-con trailer it's not really. In the comic-con shot the soldiers are farther apart and the shot is taken more from the ground pointing up.
I am thinking the same thing. I looked at it yesterday and even lightened up the picture on my phone to try to match it. But the guards look different and even cavill neck is smaller. So it looks restaged and in that case done well. It still doesn't forgive that esthetically it looks poorly done. The same focus into the center you mentioned could have been done without taking away the sharpness and adding blur and shadow.

But it is what it is and I'm happy with the response from the non fans for the most part. I just wish that with all that fake countdown crap, using and toying with the real fans (us/we the loyal) they would have given us something to make up for it. We were the ones that this was for right?? Who else was out there working for it? "Share this batman dvd release and unlock a MOS exclusive". Exclusive for who? Now we are just supposed to be grateful. The funny thing is, in true Superman form fashion we have been...

If they had just released "poster" without all of that we would have loved it bc it's something after 6 months of nothing. We still would have complained lol but the response would have been more appreciative.

WB seems to now exactly what fans of other movies want and give them way more then they should. When it comes to us however... we are like the teenage step children. I know I'm venting for nothing and the trailer is around the corner. I'm just sick of being laughed at and sometimes it feels like the ones who are making this movie are the ones egging us in the face. That countdown really pissed me off I guess. I didn't mean to write all this but I guess that's what's cool about forums. Sorry guys. This is years/decades of a frustrated fan right here.

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