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Default Re: Jamie Foxx IS Electro - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheWallCrawler View Post
Looks like they are again trying to make a sympathetic villain... this makes me worried
Yeah, this!

I hoped for Foxx to say that he's a crazy, twisted, powerhungry man with a God complex. Or something more like that.

At first, I was worried about the "genious" thing too because he's not really a genious.

Then I thought about it and he could mean that he's a "genious electrician" in the way that he really can handle electricity like a pro. Wishful thinking, perhaps. But I imagine Electro controlling some technology with his electricity somehow, such as street lights etc.

The short stick thing is another thing that worried me, because that might hint that he's another sympathetic Avi Arad villain. But when thinking about it, the statement actually is kinda true to the character. That's how Electro feels and much why he eventually wants to prove that he's the most powerful man in NY (or the world).

I just want an Electro that has sad reasons for behaving like he does, but in no way should one feel that he's a good person throughout the film. He should be crazy and twisted, not in a psychopathic way but in a mentally ill way.

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