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Default Re: Where (When) to Begin Episode 7

I don't want any EU stuff in these movies. They all pretty much sucked. Ridiculous names, plots, ideas.

I'd rather the films stick to the Skywalker clan, but I don't want to see younger Skywalkers. I don't want the Star Wars films to go on forever and become cheapened.

Star Wars was supposed to be about Luke Skywalker, then it became about Anakin Skywalker's journey. Now I'd rather it be about a purpose that the Skywalker family serves in the universe, and instead of stretching it out meaninglessly and forever, end this new trilogy with Luke or Leia's death (a noble one) that finishes the job.

Obviously they can't be the main characters in the new trilogy, but whatever transpires I want it to be to serve the Skywalker story-line by giving it a definitive end in Episode IX.

Otherwise, new characters and plots. New hero can be someone swept up in events greater than himself (war, the Skywalker purpose, etc.) but not actually related to the Skywalkers.

And yes, we need a cynic in the cast again.

Plus, I hope they show us the Millennium Falcon again, how great is that going to be?

EDIT: ROTJ is the ending of the saga. It definitely feels that way. But what can we do? They are deadset on sequels so we have to get used to the idea that that huge climax was unnecessary now.

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