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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

5 years ago

Sticking her hands into the jean pockets, the girl mumbled something about “ Of course” and removed her hand from them, revealing a coin, paperclip, pop tab from a soda can and a small stone. Dinah pursed her lips and dropped the jeans, pushing some wayward strand of shoulder length hair away from her face.

” Seriously Bobbi!?” Leaning around the doorway she yelled through the nearly empty house.


Silence greeted her and she sighed before pocketing the coin and tossing the rest of items into a half filled jar by the washing machine. They made a metallic-y twinkling noise as they hit the contents in the jar; which were more of the same: Safety pins, bottle caps, pop tags from soda cans, random shiny stones. Bobbi was a magpie, she decided.

Shoving the jeans into the washing machine she pushed the buttons to start the cycle and checked the clock; almost time to leave. She waited a while the washing machine hummed to life, the soft ‘thunk-thunk’ was rhythmic and calming, before heading up the stairs two at a time.


I rested my head against the window, its glass cold as rain beat against the outside of it. The bus swayed under the strain of the wind that whipped the rain against the windows, battering them relentlessly.

Not at all indicative of my life. In which, I mean it totally is
I flicked my wrist and checked the time on my music player as Scissor Sisters ran through the cord in it, into my earbuds. Only an hour or so more, then I’d be home. Again. I tried desperately to quantify my feelings, to explore them, to understand why I had the knot of nervousness in the pit of my stomach. I just couldn’t figure it out, so much for all that therapy as a kid. At least it was raining. Rain meant less birds being around, like all animals, human or otherwise they understood that being out in the cold, winter rain wasn’t the best idea. A chill and shudder ran through me just thinking about them.

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