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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post

He does have swagger!

glad I could make someone smile, even if *someone* doesn't care for the subject matter.

Okay, jaqua99. Here's something I'd like to hear from you about, in Avengers that bullet from Hawkeye's gun appears to at least graze him, and then heal immediately, and yet other times he doesn't seem to heal quickly (like after Hulk smashes him)... So this confuses me, inconsistency in the film or is there a reason for this? And of course he's actually a Frost giant, or at least half one as I've hypothesized, and judging by the Frost Giant battle they are not nearly as hard to take down as the Asgardians.... so again this aspect of MCU Loki has me confused. Any ideas about this?

Well I see it this way. First off, it does seem like the bullet doesn't effect him at all, it bounces off of him. But think about for a second, a small human weapon can't even penetrate his skin. Ironman's repulsor blasts seemed to be a bit irritating at most. But when Hulk whipped him around, don't forget, this is a guy with godly strength, strong enough to EFFORTLESSLY rip a wing off a plane, stop one of those giant dragon worms in its tracks. Its pretty apparent thor held back against Loki. So my point is I am pretty sure there is A LOT more force behind Hulk slamming someone into the ground multiple times, than a simple bullet. I just see it as Loki has a certain damage soak, Hulk was the only one who was able to exceed it. Nothing inconsistant there, loki was just too durable for just about everything. Hulk Smash>>>>>Pistol Bullet, hopefully that clears it up a bit

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