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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
1. I’d alter the 8 year absence thing. Instead of Bruce retiring, he never stopped. His injuries are the result of his nonstop crimefighting, while being hunted by the police at the same time.
2. IMPROVE MIRANDA/TALIA DRASTICALLY. She should be the main love interest of the film so that the twist at the end actually has resonance. I’d alter the story so that Bruce and Miranda have known each other a long time. They have feelings for each other, but Bruce is too obsessed with Batman to go further. Have the ballroom scene show sparks not just between Bruce and Selina, but Bruce and Miranda as well. Even when she is revealed to be Talia, show that she actually wants Bruce to rejoin the LOS.
3. Give Bane a better death. If people still want the whole “Catwoman saves Batman from getting shot, complete with one liner”, have Barsad try to off a tied up Batman instead of Bane.
4. Give Blake a reason for knowing who Batman really is….that actually makes sense.
5. Make Batman vs Bane round 2 much, much better. Have Batman using strategy to show that while Bane is physically superior, Batman is mentally superior. The second fight should be just as satisfying as Batman’s rematch with the Mutant Leader in “The Dark Knight Returns”. And of course, the “I came here to stop you” line would be replaced.
6. I wouldn’t have Bruce/Selina end up together. That’s just me, its not a make or break thing.
I agree with every one of these, and would love to see them implemented. ESPECIALLY the Miranda/Talia improvement. As it is, both love interests (Tate and Selina) feel so tacked-on to me. Number 3 doesn't bother me much though I wouldn't mind if it was changed (I wanted Barsad to get a bit more screentime because I like Josh Stewart).

If I could make general alterations to the entire trilogy, the biggest things that I would change would be:

-Put Harvet Dent in the first film
-Put Miranda Tate in the second film
-Have Rachel Dawes be played by one actress (if it had to be one of the two that already portrayed her, I'd pick Gyllenhaal)

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