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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
It wouldn't take every New Yorker filing suits to cause a massive headache for Tony. Knowing human nature, some would be bound to sue. If even a few major property owners laid claims for damages Tony could be tied up in litigation with heavy costs for legal fees.

Senator Whatsisface was making noises at the end of the movie about holding the team responsible for what happened. We've all seen how senate and congressional hearings can be used IRL to gin up all manner of problems for corporations. They had already been after Tony to give up the Iron Man armor before.
THIS. This so much. I have long since had suspicions that it will at least be a plot point. IM movies are known for being the most realistic of the bunch, and the Congress storyline in IM2 was a brave move.

First of all, we see the birth of this in Avengers: people asking for accountability. And who is the ONLY Avenger the public knows, the one who happens to be a billionaire to boot? They cannot go after SHIELD or any incognito heroes, they can only go after Tony, it´s a pretty obvious move. I also suspect that this may be the reason SHIELD is not looking out for Tony: Fury would only be content to leave him to the public lions if it meant protecting SHIELD from the same ****.

Second of all, in order for Tony to truly be vulnerable in this movie, he would need to lose his public support and his money - the two things he has going for him strongly right now. As long as he has money, he can keep making new suits no matter how many time his mansion is attacked. Now, tie Stark Industries in some litigation (this does not mean to be on screen except in passing) and there you have it.

Thirdly, the guy has been through some serious stuff in previous movies, so I doubt he will suddenly develop PTSD from nuking some aliens when he did not develop a hint of it after being waterboarded by terrorists. Now, if we have the Avengers stuff, some public ****storm he has to weather alone instead of getting his team support and maybe Pepper getting on his case for making 47 armors in a row, then I can buy him having nightmares.

BTW, Tony losing his company (multiple times) is a recurrent storyline in the comics. I don´t see why people argue so vehemently against this, while supporting some pretty obscure characters and cameos.

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