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Default Re: TMOS Set & Official Photo Thread - Discussion Welcome - Part 9

The best thing about the picture (aside from what it's conveying and all that) is Cavill himself, imo. Bizzaro skin (due to messed up colors) aside, he really does scream Superman in ways that I haven't seen, well, certainly not in any live action incarnation in the past 25 years.

Basically everywhere that I check out the comments the one positive is that the dude just is Superman. Even seen some people come around. Those who only seen the first bank vault photo and nothing else of course. Because that first photo, admittedly was not the best look for Cavill. The hair (I dig the style they were going for, but it's easier to draw it in the comic than to make it look good and natural on a real person, without it looking all jelly like it did) and all just made it look a bit weird.

Cavill seems to have it all, look, build, presence... hopefully he nailed it. But please, tell me he won't be only sad or angry in the film. Last thing the world needs is 2.5 hours of Superman mopping around feeling sorry for himself. Hopefully Snyder put Cavill's kind nature and smile to good use.

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