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Default Re: The SUPERIOR Spider-Man

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
It doesn't necessarily mean he is Doc Ock. From the looks of it the artist seems to be implying they're two halves of a whole, so it's possible their personalities fuse, creating an edgier Spider-Man so to speak with the desire to still protect people like Peter. It also looks like he's lost some of his powers to me somehow. He needs talons like O'Hara now to climb walls and judging by this interior art...

....Spider-Man has lost his spidey sense. It also appears he wears goggles to protect his eyes. As has been speculated all of this points to O'Hara being the new Spider-Man, but that would be too obvious at this point and wouldn't explains that cover of the Superior Spider-Man kissing MJ. My guess is that somehow in 700 Peter's body loses its powers along with becoming fused with Doc Ock. But since he still wants to protect people, we're shown in Avenging Spider-Man 15.1 (the comic that's being released alongside Amazing 700 and is supposed to give closure to it) he develops a new suit that makes up for his lack of powers. And thus, it would make the "Superior" title an ironic label, since this new version of Spider-Man is actually physically weaker and less "amazing" than the old one...yet you could also say he's mentally superior for still wanting to help people even without his powers.
What if it's
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Peter in Norman's body (having kept Ock's memories as well he'ld know how to switch minds too)
which would explain why he wouldnt have the spider sense

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