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Default Re: OFFICIAL Rate & Review the Amazing Spider-Man! - Part 1

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
While the plans could, I guess, be looked as similar, Magneto was way better of a villain.
The plans are very similar. If anything, Lizard came closer to accomplishing his plan, but I do agree, Magneto was a better movie villain. However, I think the first X-Men film was good, it also lacked a lot of character development. Other than Wolverine, Rogue, Magneto, and Jean Grey, most of the characters were just there. So some of the criticisms of TASM's Lizard can be applied to many characters in the X-Men films.

Originally Posted by Oscorp View Post
I'd have liked to see Connors struggle more with only having one arm. The two mirror scenes were great but I'd want even more. I'd want to see scenarios where Connors really feels handicapped and frustrated.
I think it has a lot to do with them choosing such a complex villain for an origin story. He was, IMO, on par with Scarecrow in Batman Begins. However, there really isn't that much to tell with Scarecrow, and he didn't make too many appearances in the comics to begin with, so there wasn't any wasted potential. Lizard has the potential to be one of the top comic book movie villains.

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Ontop of that, I would've liked to see more of an emotional scene when Curt saw his new arm. It didn't pack that emotion that we saw in Raimi's trilogy when we needed to see emotional scenes from villains.
^Same response as mine to Oscorp's post.

Originally Posted by mayo23 View Post
Norman in SM1 quickly lost any real sense of motivation for what he was trying to accomplish after frying the military guys. After that, it was merely him trying to kill Spider-man for denying his invitation to team up, while also terrorizing the city.
That we know, and once again, I think they made it clear what Lizard wanted.

Originally Posted by Peter Parker
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