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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

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(I had found links for Aug 29 and Aug 30, though I didn't include those in my post).

Regarding length of time on location, I agree that it is somewhat correlated to length of scene in the movie. But scenes involving stunts and practical effects likely will take longer to shoot because of all the setup and precautions. So use of locations involving fight scenes (such as at Greenwich University) are going to be overrepresented compared to their screen time in the final film.
just responding back to this, yes. And think about it, there was a big battle scene involving Thor and Loki and probably Dark Elves in Iceland, so that would require some time for stunts, etc, and then they still went to at least 2 other places in Iceland in 6 days time? That'll be a short battle, certainly not nearly as long as Bourne or Greenwich.

actually 4 locations in Iceland apparently... according to this article.

According to, shooting will take place in Dómadalur valley by geothermal area Landmannalaugar in the south-central highlands. adds that Skógafoss waterfall, Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon and Skeiðarársandur plains will also serve as locations for the movie.

Up to 300 people will come from the U.S. to work on the shooting in addition to the almost 200 Icelanders who will also be involved in the project. The film crew is serviced by Icelandic film production company True North.

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