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Default Re: Superman: Earth One

Originally Posted by DarKush View Post
Which twist are you referring to? The heroin addict neighbor or the redhead? I wish a little more had been done with the heroin addict before his overdose. But at least his death had a big impact on Clark.

I did like how the redhead became Clark's friend. I wasn't expecting the story to go that route. I wonder if she suspects Clark after finding his glasses after her ex-boyfriend disappeared? That would be pretty neat if he winds up confiding in her.

I wonder if she's this universe's version of Lana Lang? I can't remember if Lana was in the first volume or not.
The redhead I totally wasn't expecting that was her shall we say profession lol

I think they did show enough with the heroin addict, the point was he seemed a throwaway character but he desperately needed help made it more shocking.

Yeah that would be cool if he did confide I just wish we didn't have to wait another two years to find out.

I suppose she could be in some ways.

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