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Default Re: Skyfall vs. TDKR

Originally Posted by TheSymbol View Post
Bond isnt bond anymore.He doesnt really play with the girls,he doesnt really care about gagets anymore and the story of skyfall was really a 1Dimensionel story.
Disagreed. He sure is. There are Bond moments all over the place. Toasting his martini to the guards that are about to kill him. Sliding off the elevator ramp and continuing to run, Silva falls. Craig's Bond is more rugged, but it's like wanting Moore to play like Dalton. Every incarnation has their style, but are no less 'Bond'.

He showers with Severine and beds that woman at the start. Shares an intimate shaving session with Eve, where it's alluded something happened after. Bond's reaction to Q shows he wants more than what he's given "it's not exactly Christmas" - so saying he doesn't care about gadgets anymore is false. Q's introduction is very similar to Q's first intro in Dr. No where he's given a PPK and that's it. I thought Whishaw and Craig nailed the scene and I found it humorous. Seeing them meet again in the next movie is going to be fun if he's given something more. "Now that's more like it, Q" - "Those other items did save your life though, did they not?"

I like TASM but it's no way better than Skyfall.

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