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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

Originally Posted by Deserana View Post

I think my only MAJOR issue with this film is Gotham. I can live with 10 minutes of Batman, a huge scale film but this city needed to feel like a city. With BB and TDK that was brought across IMO perfectly but here.... nah. I mean a big gripe I have is that after 8 years this big character in Gotham's life has returned and we never once see how Gotham reacts to this. Then when he is gone and Bane reveals to the city that he was the hero not once do we ever see the city want him back. As far as we know only Gordon, Blake and Selina know Bruce has gone. So you're telling me not ONE cop goes "Gee schucks mister Gordon we could really do with a Batman about now" or "Hey where has that Batman gone that was here a few days ago". Yes we have the statue at the end but we never see the city accept Batman back. Gotham is the issue in this film. The bat-symbol scene should have been THEE scene where the audience goes "YEAH, here he is to save the city" but instead to me it is just "Oh look Batman is back".
The above is very true. There are a lot of minor elements I hate, (8 year exile, Bane being a henchman, Bane/Talia's stupid plot, Blake, Foley, Selena's lack of screentime) but the biggest weakness with the film is that Gotham doesn't feel like a real city. There doesn't seem to be much at stake in the end because TDKR fails where TDK succeeds so marvelously, making us care about characters beyond the main cast. If the nuclear bomb had blown up I wouldn't have cared because I did not care about Gotham as a city. BB and TDK somehow managed to make us care about Gotham's inhabitants, the minor citizens. I can still remember how much tension I felt during that ferry scene with the Joker, and yet I felt nothing when I thought Bane was going to blow up the whole city.

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