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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIV

Originally Posted by TheSymbol View Post
There's much hate around Anne's performance.i dont understand that.
There is only one little scene in the movie when she plays kind of over the top in a way i dont really like.Thats the part where she confronts dagett for the first time.but for the rest of the film she's great.
I've seen virtually no hate for her. She's actually one of the most popular parts of the movie, I'd say. She's certainly my favorite character in it.

I'd say IMDB, the hell hole of the internet, is the only place you'd see real hate for her.

Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
I'm giving you a hand.

Full ciricle is too lazy a story device for Nolan. I love Nolan as a filmmaker yet have criticisms but one of them is not lazy plots. Rises is just a super lazy movie, decent but lazy. I still think that Ledger's death had something to do with why the movie turned out the way it did.
I second this. There's a lot of repetitive plot furniture and lazy writing in TDKR.

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