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Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
From the "news" thread...

Mephisto (274)

I didn't realize this guy had been used so much in the comics. any chance he could be the "shadowy enemy that predates the universe itself" ? or someone with the power to change Algrim to Kurse?
Sony owns Mephisto. He's apart of Ghost riders universe even though he gets used all the time as the great bady of the Marvel universe. He all ready appeared twice in the Ghost rider movies. He appeared as Mephistopheles in Ghost rider and appeared as Roarke in Ghost rider spirit of Vengeance.

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
exactly. I mean, the beyonder created Kurse. Since there will be no beyonder, I am still thinking it will be surtur
I think the Cosmic Cube will be the beyonder substitute to turn Algrim into Kurse. Since in the comics the power of the cosmic cubes come from a rift that allows the cubes to siphon power from the Beyonders universe.
The Cosmic Cubes are items that control matter and energy, answering to the will of the sentient beings that use them. They require practice to be used properly, but a skillful user can alter all reality to answer to its thought, granting anything they desire.
Most Cosmic Cubes are cube-shaped matrices. However, similar objects with different shapes are known as Cosmic Containment Units.

Sentient beings wanting to create a Cosmic Cube must generate a force field to open a rift to another dimension inhabited by the Beyonders, allowing the extra-dimensional energy to filter through the rift. When entering the Earth's dimension, the energies can be held in a matrix, and the force itself would shape the matrix into a perfect cube. It would also provide the Cube with its almost-unlimited power.

A Cube would eventually develop its own intelligence, commonly influenced by the beings who had manipulated it. Mephisto has postulated that the Cubes are hosts to a semi-sentient will and that, even in Cube form, they can choose how they want to be used, and deny certain wishes. Mephisto also has proposed that a billion-sentient universally-linked will could overcome this problem, and that the Cubes could be as powerful as the Infinity Gems.

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