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Default Re: Discussion: Conspiracies and Cover Ups

Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime_ View Post
It's compelling, coupled with videos of Alex Jones being asked if he's cointelpro on his own show, and then promptly hanging up the phone in response. I know for a fact now Ted Gunderson is FBI and COINTELPRO, and he's responsible for a lot of the "evidence" he produces are the same documents and evidence Gunderson mysteriously produces. Yup, all COINTELPRO forgeries. Even the Bohemian Grove is a COINTELPRO invention. Basically the Grove is just a music/arts festival with 2700 members, not a secret society although many wealthy people attend. It's a rich man's burning man. But the men in cloaks in fact are not the Bush family or any member of the 'Elite' as best anyone can tell.

I also wondered why all conspiracy evidence linked back to a small pool of private investigators and FBI agents.

Turns out it's all faked on behalf of COINTELPRO.

That's funny.

I laughed so hard when I found Gunderson's cover had been blown.

Also, the Birther movement was issued a faked Kenyan BC along with other "evidence" all faked by COINTELPRO programs. Lol.
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