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Default Re: Ms. Marvel in the works? - Part 1

Well, Marvel Comics owns the rights to the name, might as well use it. Plus they should call him Mar-Vell most of the film, and only call Carol Captain Marvel after she gets his powers. And DC is calling him SHAZAM anyway, I think in the new 52 he isn't even called Captain Marvel (unfortunately).
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I think that just proves that the general audience will wonder the same thing. As I said before in an earlier post, Captain America's army rank in the comics was Private, but they promoted him to Captain in the movie, and then called him Captain Rogers. People will wonder why she isn't Major Marvel if she's Major Danvers, whether or not it's a mantle or homage to Mar-Vell. It just makes it much simpler if she's a Captain in the US Air Force rather than Major. Yes, I realise Major is higher than Captain, but it would be less confusing. Besides, Captain America has never been that highly ranked in the Army and that hasn't reflected on his tactical ability and leadership.
Not if they explain it like they did in the recent comics. Carol says, after Mar-Vell sacrifices himself to stop the Phoenix Force from destroying the Kree (him being the anchor or something because it brought him back to life), she says that he needs to be remembered, and to not be forgotten.
In later comics she asks Spider-Man what he thinks of the name Captain Marvel. And Captain America tells her (I think) that Mar-Vell would be honored.
So if there is a scene in the movie where she flat out says "I will honor his name by calling myself Captain Marvel." Or a scene similar the audience will understand completely. They could even go further and say Kree custom is that the dead pass down their name as a way to be remembered, so Captain Mar-Vell would pass his name to Carol while dying after sacrificing himself to save New York or LA. Also I its possible not as many people know that Major is higher than Captain as you might think. And maybe she is promoted to Major in the film, the whole movie she could be a Captain until the end if that helps.

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