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Default Re: 2012/2013 NBA thread: Your worst Dwightmare!

Originally Posted by L.A. View Post
Who was the idiot laker fan that said Howard a dominant center?! I'm calling you out my dude!
He is a dominant center. It's hard to dominate when you play with a ballhog who blames his teammates when they lose. Again, the guy outshot the entire Lakers starting lineup but he's going to find a way to blame someone else. And let's not get started on Dantoni. Dude is a horrible coach.

On a side note, Lin only had 4 points and was on the bench in the final 7 minutes. Man is he overrated. I'm so glad Harden is getting all the light in Houston so now Lin can regret his decision. Should have stayed in NYC but he got greedy. Sucks, no?

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