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Default Re: 2012/2013 NBA thread: Your worst Dwightmare!

Originally Posted by L.A. View Post
Who was the idiot laker fan that said Howard a dominant center?! I'm calling you out my dude!
He is, but he's also not 100%. He seems to be hesitant with the ball and is getting it stolen at an alarming rate so far this year.

More egregious is the continual foul line problems but I won't criticize him for that because he's always been horrible there. But teams didn't utilize "Hack-a-Howard" in Orlando like they are now. He's 17 out of 37 in just the last two games alone.

Originally Posted by Docker2.0 View Post
Hey! Where are you guys today?!?! I want to bash Lakers fans, aka Doc Samson. Did you realize that Kobe has almost out shot the entire Lakers starting line up alone? Gasol didn't play so please tell me Doc it's not Kobe's fault. PLEASE! And don't say coaching because he's the "Black Mamba" and is so great that he would cover a multitude of faults(like he's God or something)....blah, blah, blah. This team is falling apart and it's all on Kobe. It is his team.

"I don't give a **** what you say. If I go out there and miss game winners, and people say, 'Kobe choked, or Kobe is seven for whatever in pressure situations,' Well, **** you. Because I don't play for your ******* approval. I play for my own love and enjoyment of the game. And to win. That's what I play for."
- Kobe Bryant

"As of right now, I don't know what he do good, cause what may work on another fighter is not gonna work on me."

- Floyd Mayweather
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