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Default Re: Honest Trailers - TDKR

Originally Posted by Deserana View Post
RLM did a review after it came out (Half in the Bag that is) and they both loved/liked it one of them said it "******* rocked". Though probably like with a lot of people the more they thought about it the more things fell out of place. But on the whole they enjoyed it a lot.
Yeah, Mike (Plinkett) liked the movie a lot.

I'm sure he could get into his Plinkett character and tear the movie apart for laughs if he wanted, but it couldn't be as ruthless as his Star Wars prequel reviews because he had a legitimate bone to pick there.

I also found this Honest Trailer kind of weak. It kinda just went through a checklist of all the things that have been discussed at length at this point rather than actually trying to be funny. Definitely some chuckles throughout though, and usually these are absolutely priceless.

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