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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - Part 141

I have to say...I think originally I felt a bit put off by the fact that the climax took place during the day. It felt jarring considering not only did the previous two Nolan films have the climax at night, but so did every single Batman movie (minus the 66 version) and most Batman stories in general.

Now, I've really come around to it. It all comes back to Memento for me and even Insomnia, and how Nolan set out to invert film noir conventions with those films by having them both take place almost strictly during daylight. And this series had been heading in that direction after TDK really upped the stakes by having a lot of the carnage happen during the day. I always "got" why having Batman fighting with the police during the day was an appropriate story beat for the climax of the trilogy, but now it's starting to really sink in on a gut level. In fact, I really think the whole final chase is somewhat underrated. It's fast and furious, the Bat is just marvelous to watch, and the only thing cooler than Batman on the Bat-pod is Catwoman on the Bat-pod . To top it off, the wintery daytime setting really adds a layer of bleakness to it all. Almost like it's foreshadowing the potential nuclear winter that's awaiting Gotham.

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