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Default Re: The Official Superman Fan Art & Manips Thread - Part 8

Originally Posted by G.Godfrey View Post
I don't mind subdued colors, but I think they over-did it (just like with the first suit reveal). The picture could just as well be black and white, Cavill's flesh tone looks like a dead man, or Bizzaro and the suit lacks the pop, imo of course.

I can only hope that the entire marketing campaign will not go for such dark and depressing style but balance it out a bit, because more people are put off by it than not. We are living in such times when people do need and want a hero like Superman and this style sends all the wrong signals.

Of course, none of this will matter in a week. (Unless if Snyder went and desaturated the colors in post so that everything is darker and grainer than it was in the CC footage.... )
The teaser did have both. The final shot was very vibrant and bright and all the shots before it desaturated and bleak. Dont know how much this will be apparent in the final movie. It's possible that the pictures' vibrance will change along with the story (and Clark's own transformation). I'm also guessing the potential Smallville/Kentfarm-flashbacks will be lush in color. I'm sure it'll look great and feel right once it starts to roll.

The full trailer will probably display this more than the teaser. And feature the right amount of colorful pop as well while still being tastefully done. I think the CC-footage proved that despite the video-quality.
It's just these first PR-stills that are given the different-approach treatment to let people know that it is that. Different, serious, non-campy and very latent if you will.
And I for one love that. MOS will no doubt be one of the biggest movies and actioners of next year and they're being coy and underplaying it knowing they have a crazy trailer that'll win people over in the end.

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