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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIV

Originally Posted by CaptainClown View Post
The LoS is part of the reason of the formation of Batman, and thus can be seen as the undoing of him as well.

IMO - The League seems to have been using Gotham as it's testing grounds for destruction. However it continued to survive despite everything they threw at it. So they (what was left of the league) decided that they should take matters into their own hands. Also the league at this point were the 3rd tier of the league. The lowest rung with something to prove since they couldn't run with Rah's. So my guess would be that they aren't exactly as disciplined.
Even more than that, I think it's just a different approach & ideology. Ras was more of a religious, cult leader type figure. Bane/Talia are more militaristic & dictatorial. I liken it to Osama Bin Laden & al-Zarqawi. Although al-Zarqawi was somewhat linked to Bin Laden, his methods were more extreme, even for Al Qaeda. Once he started massacring civilians Al Qaeda wasn't comfortable with, they betrayed him and helped give up his location.

Ras was more about the "theatricality & deception," fashioning the League as ninjas in the mountains. Obviously Bane had no issues exposing himself publicly on television and allowing his men to carry military grade weaponry freely.

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