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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

Just got done watching it. The second time I've seen it. And I would have to agree to a certain extent that TDKR does prevent this trilogy from being perfect. But like in life, and what has been stated already, nothing is perfect.

I feel like this film was rushed. I feel like the pacing is off. And that it skips around too much. It just felt like things were happening too fast. This is a movie in which they should have split it in to two parts. Like what they're doing with everything else nowadays. Where exactly is the prison located at in the world? This movie makes it feel like its only in the next city.

Catwoman didn't feel right to me, in this. I don't know what it is. I thought a second viewing would make me appreciate Catwoman more, but it didn't. It seems like they just added her to get from point A to point B more quickly. It feels like they were just tired of explaining stuff and wanted to get this movie done as fast as humanly possible. I never felt a connection with Catwoman. Her and Bruce's scenes just felt a little silly to me. She betrayed Batman REAL quick! And then is back on his side at the end? She seemed weak to me. Doing anything just to benefit herself. I didn't like her mocking tone, "I'd do more than any of you rich people would." And then, "I'm saving myself. Come with me." She just felt like a crybaby. It felt like the writers didn't know what the hell to do with her. They just all added ingredients in hoping the stew would turn out good. It looked good!

Don't get me wrong, I do think this film is good. It just has a couple of dents in it. I loved Bane. I felt like he was the perfect villain. Even up to Talia's reveal. Seeing those flashback scenes with him rescuing Talia just lifted my spirit. The way he destroys Bruce in that first fight is amazing and took my breath away. This dude was a force. I had this dream, a couple of months before TDKR was released. It was of Bane and Batman fighting on top of the train that Ra's and Batman were fighting in, while the city was being destroyed around them. Bane's plan to destroy Gotham succeeded. In the same way Ra's destroyed Bruce's house. Gotham needed to be rebuilt, in the same way Bruce had to rebuild his house. I wish I didn't have that dream. It was perfect. I wish we could record our dreams and upload them onto the internet. Like all selfish human beings I felt like my dream would come true.

Side note: Talia's death scene. What was up with that? It took me out of the film for a second.

I know in the end, this isn't my movie. Its Nolan's. I was even telling myself that while I was sitting here watching it. I'm not upset. Like every movie that gets judged this one is no different. But let me ask you this, when you seen Begins and TDK, for the very first time, what did you feel? I felt like Nolan could do nothing wrong. I felt like electricity was pumping into my heart instead of blood. And there are only hints of that when I watched TDKR.

This sure was one hell of a journey. And I am glad that I got to experience it. These movies mean so much to me. I love them. There is darkness in this world. And these movies give me hope. All three of them. This is a trilogy we all will look back on and know its impact. And what it did for us. We can say, "I was there." I remember walking to the theater at night when TDK had its run in theaters. When I was feeling down on life, I'd go see that movie and know it would take away any pain I was feeling. Any sadness in my heart would be numb for awhile.

Like I said in the beginning, "I would have to agree to a certain extent that TDKR does prevent this trilogy from being perfect." Because I do think, if anything comes close to being perfect, this trilogy is it. I'm going to miss discussing a new Nolan Batman film with all of you. It was good times. And I still have good times on here. The Nolan Batman films are what made me join this forum. So I thank all of you for listening to me ramble on. I'll see you guys later.

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