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Default Re: Honest Trailers - TDKR

Originally Posted by batfreakforever View Post
what a pathetic trailer. watching these kind of things really tells me how great my life. Rlm suck balls. People really spend that much time on reviews. Pathetic. There are just much more important things in life but I guess they have nothing in their lives so complaining about movies is all they have.
Plinket does far more than just rip into the films he reviews though, he gives credit where credit is due and if something doesn't work, analyzes why they don't through a basic storytelling perspective.

That he does this through a really weird persona alongside a storyline about the the hooker he has trapped in his basement is just added entertainment value.

In a way its like a video version of what FilmCritHulk does, another movie critic who uses a gimmick to create a bit of distance while doing some extensive analysis.

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