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Default Re: OFFICIAL Rate & Review the Amazing Spider-Man! - Part 1

Originally Posted by Picard Sisko View Post
I think that now the origin has been told, they can focus on just making a Spider-Man film, and concentrating more on fleshing out the villain, too. Same with what happened in The Dark Knight I suppose.
Sorry PS, but what does that mean? So what was TASM? Whenever I read that, from pro TASM to con TASM peeps, I always think 'Then what the hell did I just watch? TASM wasn't a spidey film?'

They made a spidey film, that focused on his origin. I suppose SM1 wasn't a spidey film then, but SM2 they could focus on making a spidey film.

Sorry, it's a real annoyance that comment. Don't mean to be rude bud, just a real peev lol

Btw, love you new avatar. So excited for that

Originally Posted by Picard Sisko View Post
So I mentioned earlier that there was one scene I hate, and that is Peter telling Captain Stacey about Connors being the Lizard. I think I stand by that one being the only scene I hate, though if I had to name other scenes I dislike:

-Peter running in the hallways without his mask
-Peter letting the SWAT team unmask him and then showing a whole crowd of people what he looks like.
-First person shots: in the teaser, it looked awesome. But then in the final cut, they chopped up the scene, and added a few others throughout the rest of the film. It wasn't bad, but it was pointless. I think they will probably forget about these shots for the sequels.

These scenes don't ruin the film for me, but if I had to nitpick, these were the ones that bothered me.
I agree the way that they way they did that scene wasn't great. Really, they could have had him as Spidey confront Stacey, trying to convince him that Connors is the Lizard and that something needs to be done. That could have been a good spidey/stacey moment. Oh well.

The letting the swat team unmask him... I think he was still dazed/unconscious at this point. It wasn't until he was unmasked that his senses kicked in and he woke. It was similar to the train scene with the guy and the beer. And they didn't see his face. He kept his head down at most times and moved very fast. And the crowd where far away to see his face. I actuall loved that scene personally

Running in the hallways without the mask... I've no real view on that to be honest.

I do agree that the POV shots got too choppy. But I still though they where ok. The one from the trailer though should have been kept whole. The rest I get why they where choppy. But that first one should have stayed whole.

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