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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 1

Originally Posted by Surfer View Post
Well if Hawkeye is in this movie it will probably be to create a love triangle where Black Widow is left having to choose between the love of her past (Barnes) and her current love interest (Barton). I suppose it could be okay if it is done correctly, but then again it could also come across as seeming very cliche and somewhat predictable. So if used I hope they get it right.
Surely, you jest?

That shifts the balance of the story dramatically. It's is Cap's movie.

In parts, it will be Bucky's, sure. But you involve a love-triangle in it, and it puts the focus on Black Widow, who isn't strictly speaking a core Captain America character.

If anyone is getting some, it should be Cap.

To my knowledge, Nick Fury in Cap is old news. It was actually one of the first things we learned, way before that it was subibtled Winter Soldier.

A few weeks ago, the news was that MAria Hill will also be in it.

Hawkeye doesn't belong, sorry. He is the friend of the ex-lover of the best friend of the hero. He's kind of irrelevant to Cap.

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