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Default Re: Any word on if this is going to resolve continuity issues from First Class?

Originally Posted by huzzah View Post
So there's nothing to say he's retconning out a specific film or set of films. In fact he doesn't mention the word retcon or reimagining.
No, he's never said that. But Singer, Vaughn, Millar and Kinberg have only mentioned X1, X2 and First Class in all the interviews I've seen, suggesting that they want to honour those films more than the others. Whether it's a hint that they are disregarding the other films, i'm not sure.

However, Fox is trying to build a 'shared universe' and a franchise so it must be aware that it can't just throw out films. At the end of last year, an X-Men Complete Collection was released on DVD and Blu-ray, containing ALL the films made so far.

Clearly, there are elements of some of the films that are problematic, or just badly done, and they will not want to reference those again. That's where it makes it difficult to bring back Xavier, because of that silly plot point where he switched his mind into a braindead twin. It's a real eye-roller that just sounds silly when you say it out loud.

I have no problem with them devising a way to retcon X3, perhaps using time travel to do it, but I don't think they should just throw out films. They are never going to build a shared universe if they keep disregarding stuff.

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