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Default Re: Discussion: Conspiracies and Cover Ups

Originally Posted by enterthemadness View Post
And where do they post this info at? Do these people pretend to be posters in deep cover on certain forums on the web? Must be exciting...
On the Grove. The Grove information can be found anywhere. What because someone took a photo once with Ronald Reagan and Nixon you suddenly believe every rumor about that place?

No. I found Ted Gunderson's resume:, and few people complaining about living with him (odd that a man who had 700 employees beneath him with a 22 Million dollar budget would acting like some broke dude sleeping on people's couches) until I pieced together he was COINTELPRO. Simply working on our FBI's behalf to spread disinformative. Larry, an ex-CIA guy did the same thing. Started the birther hoax.

My poli-sci professor was COINTELPRO and inflitrated the KKK, but they do it to lots of groups domestically like PETA, the Tea Party, and the Black Panthers most famously.

So yeah, believe what you wish. But you're being taken for a ride.

They do it to keep politicians honest, lol. Or try to use phony blackmail as leverage to get information for cases. The FBI and CIA don't have a lot of friends really.

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