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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIV

Originally Posted by Doc Samson View Post
Even more than that, I think it's just a different approach & ideology. Ras was more of a religious, cult leader type figure. Bane/Talia are more militaristic & dictatorial. I liken it to Osama Bin Laden & al-Zarqawi. Although al-Zarqawi was somewhat linked to Bin Laden, his methods were more extreme, even for Al Qaeda. Once he started massacring civilians Al Qaeda wasn't comfortable with, they betrayed him and helped give up his location.

Ras was more about the "theatricality & deception," fashioning the League as ninjas in the mountains. Obviously Bane had no issues exposing himself publicly on television and allowing his men to carry military grade weaponry freely.
Ya that is exactly what I think of when I see the LoS in TDKR. Which is why I have no problem with them doing what they are doing in the movie. They feel like what is left of the league trying to keep the same M.O. but for something petty.
Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Yet it was his clashes with The Joker and Harvey Dent that robbed him of Rachel and put him into 8 years of misery and retirement. Nothing the LOS did to him had that much of an effect on him. TDK even left more lasting physical injuries on him since the leg injury and need for a cane was a result of his fall with Dent.
Ya. I agree it was the Joker and Harvey Dent which probably had the most impact on his personal life. However, I think it is valid to think that the LoS continued to infiltrate Gotham after the end of Rah's and was still working in the shadows during TDK.

Talia at some point during the retirement approaches Bruce with the 'alternate energy source' during his 8 year retirement. As well as prove she is somebody of good standing. So I am thinking the LoS have always had a hand in Gotham cities turmoil and might have been trying to tip the scales towards anarchy. Possibly by trying to encourage the mob to organize. Maybe with Scarecrow pushing his drugs in the street.

but ultimate I think that Harvey & Rachel were casualties of the chaos created by the league and the exploitation of that chaos by The Joker. (I like to think of the Joker as a lurking variable that messes up EVERYBODY'S plans)

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