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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIV

Originally Posted by CaptainClown View Post
Ya. I agree it was the Joker and Harvey Dent which probably had the most impact on his personal life. However, I think it is valid to think that the LoS continued to infiltrate Gotham after the end of Rah's and was still working in the shadows during TDK.
Based on what in TDK?

Talia at some point during the retirement approaches Bruce with the 'alternate energy source' during his 8 year retirement. As well as prove she is somebody of good standing. So I am thinking the LoS have always had a hand in Gotham cities turmoil and might have been trying to tip the scales towards anarchy. Possibly by trying to encourage the mob to organize. Maybe with Scarecrow pushing his drugs in the street.
The energy project was mothballed three years prior to Rises. That's still five solid years later after the events of TDK. Nothing about that suggests they were involved in anything in TDK and nothing in TDK or Rises suggests they were. If they were they would have been more clued in about what happened with Harvey Dent instead of accidentally learning about it in Gordon's convenient confessional letter 8 years later. I can't really discuss baseless conjecture about encouraging the mob or pushing Scarecrow to deal drugs. There's nothing in TDK to support any of it. It's just fan theory.

Besides we are heavily veering off topic here now.

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