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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
How will Rescue not be "repetitive?" War Machine/Iron Patriot has armor; Firepower has armor; Coldblood may well have armor; the Chinese are rumored to have a whole national team of armors; hell, Mandarin might have armor; Tony will have no less than *forty-seven* armors.....again: how will Rescue armor not be repetitive and redundant? ****, let's give EVERYBODY in this movie armor, even Happy frickin' Hogan.

It will not be repetitive, in the movie-going public eyes, because the love interest in a Superhero movie has never been given superpowers by the hero before. I can count exceptions easier than the normals: Jean Grey, Elektra, Catwoman, and those characters all met their respective love interest heroes AFTER getting superpowers, not before. This will be the first time a love interest has been upgraded from non-combatant to super-powered combatant in the third installment. So, new.

And your argument that it will be repetitive because so many people have armor would apply to the X-Men franchise as well, but that has not gotten redundant by too many characters having mutant powers.

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