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Default Re: Things you noticed after multiple viewings on DVD / BluRay.

Originally Posted by blackholesun View Post
Ok i bought the standard DVD version from the supermarket and watched it again last night but i am slightly confused by the DVD's run time. In total the film runs 2hrs 37 mins so thats 157 mins whereas the blu-ray claims to run 164 mins and all sites online have the film length as 2hrs 44 mins also!
When i watched the film i didnt notice anything missing from the IMAX version that i previously watched so i checked an online copy and low and behold the run time came up as 2hrs 44 mins again. So without me having to sit there and watch the film again online does anybody have any idea as to why the DVD version is slightly shorter than the blu-ray release? The blu ray certainly hasn't been advertised as being an extended cut so what gives? :/ Anyone?
Might i ask what country are you from ? Or the dvd edition ? Its the difference between pal and ntsc enconding vs high def. Nothing to worry. You have the entire movie. The encoding of the disk (pal or ntsc) , is basically different frames per second which makes a movie longer or smaller depending of it.

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