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Default Re: Character Battles DOFP

This is one of those battles where charles could lose the fight but win the war so to speak.

My take:

Cyclops lays unconscious after Magneto's victory.
"All these years Charles and still not even the best of your children can pull the trigger when push comes to shove."
From the shadows emerges Professor X now in a wheel chair. "What do you plan to do Eric? Kill me?" Magneto looks confused. By all accounts the last time he saw Charles this man was younger.....And had more hair.
Magneto hesitates and then slightly smiles. " I won't Charles but-"
From behind Xavier, Azazel teleports quickly. He grabs charles before the telepath has time to register what has happened. Azazel reappears (Holding Xavier by the collar of his shirt) high into the air. He then drops Xavier. As the professor begins his final descent he accesses Azazels mind. He wince's slightly at weird memories. Almost incomprehensible to his own mind. He fights these abstract thought forms quickly and forces the mutant teleporter against his own will to save the professor.

The landing is rough,and Xavier crashes 10ft from the ground. Azazel reappears looking slightly confused. Unsure of what has just happened.
Then in an instant he draws his sword and in the same motion teleports again. He begins to reappear atop Xavier to deliver the death blow when suddenly Xavier highjacks his powers once more,causing his opponent to now teleport atop Eric. Ready to remove the mutants helmet. Magneto notices just in the nick of time to magnitize Azazel's sword and sends his own soldier flying into a nearby car.
The force of the crash renders him out like a light. Debris flies everywhere and the mutant is buried in the rubble.

Winner: Xavier

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