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Default Re: BATMAN REBOOT: your personal preferences?

Originally Posted by the5timechamp View Post
-I would already have the bat universe in motion. To achieve this the credits would be done in a style (like spiderman 2 or watchmen) that would eliminate much of the origin narrative. The narrative would deal with the death of the waynes, the training abroad, becoming a bat, crippling of barbara gordon (don't show the joker but hint at it with laughter, i dont want joker in my series).

-add more iconic poses, use the white lenses as a means of using a variation of thermal vision where appropriate.
I LOVE this idea as a means of communicating the narrative to the audience. i agree with everything youv'e said here apart from the Joker part. any series of Batman MUST have his arch enemy in it.

I like the iconic poses thing. if i was a director i would pack the film with iconic images of him on top buildings, bridges, statures etc... with his cape blowing wildly in the wind.

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