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Default Re: OFFICIAL Rate & Review the Amazing Spider-Man! - Part 1

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
That annoyed me too, but there was a reason for that, which got sadly cut. A whole scene where Connor's transforms back and asks for Peter's help. Without that scene, Peter running around without a mask seemed stupid.

That I didn't have a problem with at all, because no one other than Captain Stacy got a clear look at him. He moved too fast for the SWAT team and the bystanders were too far away. I liked that scene because it added some urgency. His mask was off and he had to take everyone down quickly, before they could get a good look at his face.
It wasn't until the end of the scene that bothered me, when the helicopter is shining the bright light over him. I'm sure some of the SWAT team members got a look at him.

Originally Posted by Smegger56 View Post
Sorry PS, but what does that mean? So what was TASM? Whenever I read that, from pro TASM to con TASM peeps, I always think 'Then what the hell did I just watch? TASM wasn't a spidey film?'

They made a spidey film, that focused on his origin. I suppose SM1 wasn't a spidey film then, but SM2 they could focus on making a spidey film.

Sorry, it's a real annoyance that comment. Don't mean to be rude bud, just a real peev lol
What I mean is that this movie is retelling an origin story we've seen already, and now with the sequel, they can just focus on just making a story without the origin taking up an hour of the film. Sorry, I didn't really explain it too well.
Btw, love you new avatar. So excited for that
Thank you! Part of me dislikes the JJ Abrams Trek as a long time Trekkie, but at the same time he has done a great job bringing the franchise back to life. I can't wait to see the trailer tomorrow!!!

I do agree that the POV shots got too choppy. But I still though they where ok. The one from the trailer though should have been kept whole. The rest I get why they where choppy. But that first one should have stayed whole.
Agreed 100%. Other than the CGI, that scene would have been perfect. The idea of having first person perspective shots could have been like an iconic feature of the series. But I think they will probably just cut those out entirely from the sequels.

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