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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises - letdown or not?

The whole world has seen TDK. Its the biggest reason behind people being letdown by TDKR cuz they had specific expectations. It had to match the dark knight or better it and for that to happen it needed to go a certain direction that they wanted it to go in. And when they saw that Nolan had something else in mind as the creator, a certain group of fans were dissapointed.

A massive chunk of people saw TDK without seeing Begins, it was a brand new experience. They went in with zero expectations.

When you have something to immediately compare it to, urs always gonna find a dissapointed crowd. It's like this with an album from a massive band who has just released a hit album or a critically acclaimed record by its fans. Even if the album on its own is a masterpiece, you will still get a split crowd.

But i dont see TDKR as a split crowd. Ive only heard of people on these types of comic book forums hate on it. Cuz of their natural expectations coming off of the dark knight.

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