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Default Re: Official ALL-NEW X-MEN Discussion Thread

At first when I heard about this I was thinking that past O5 must have at least most of their experiences from the present wiped out when they eventually return to their time since them going into the past with everything they've learned would change events too much, it'd be a total reboot for the X-Men and can't see Marvel doing that... If they retained their memories then Archangel's eventual ascension, Beast's transformation and Phoenix saga and Cyclops' recent development would all be washed away... Marvel couldn't do that so what's the point of this story if O5 will eventually forget everything... But then I thought that at least this will (hopefully) have lasting effects on the present versions of the characters (and maybe some very, very minimal on the past versions)
I must admit that given how many hate Bendis I was a little reserved and still am but now that I've read the first two issues I think that the series could be better but it's okay and has interesting possibilities so I'm interested enough to keep on reading... at least for now but we'll have to see how this goes...

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