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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 1

Originally Posted by JP View Post
He should not be left in charge of the creative aspects (or hiring aspects, apparently) of a film.

So, you didn't like First Class either?
I love First Class. It's the best superhero movie I've ever seen, that's why I've been so bummed about every development we've heard about DOFP so far. I don't trust Singer to respect the direction and tone the prequel set, rather than just try to make the X3 he never got to.

News of Berry and Marsden joining the cast has me even more worried, not only because I'm worried the old cast will overshadow the new (no matter how little screentime they may get) and because CYCLOPS being in the film makes me worry that Singer is completely disregarding X3. Don't get me wrong, X3 is a terrible, terrible piece of work both as a film and as a contribution to the franchise, but the fact remains that it DOES exist. And as much as we'd all like to, it's difficult to forget things that happened in that movie and pretend like it never happened at all.

Singer in particular has proven he's not very good at making movies that are part of a pre-existing series that ignore some aspects and perpetuate others. Superman Returns... what on earth WAS that? It was a sequel to Superman II, sort of, except completely not, but also it kind of was, but not really, but it had to be for the baby aspect to make sense, but also disregard all these other things that happened in Superman II. What a mess! Continuity in X-Men is already screwed up and the general public noticed the discrepancies and are annoyed by it. If they can be ticked off by Beast having been human-looking in his 40s in X2, I think they're not going to be thrilled having to come up with workarounds as to why Cyclops is alive (and potentially Jean, should Famke be the next name announced).

But I was tangenting there sorry. To get to your bolded points, I'm not sure how much Bryan actually had to do with the way First Class turned out. Was the movie his idea? Absolutely it was. But here are some things that were definitely not Singer's decision and can be attributed to Vaughn:

1) Casting McAvoy and Fassbender as Charles and Erik. THE best casting decision that has ever been made in this franchise (sorry Hugh, you've fallen to second place). I'm not sure who picked the rest of the cast but it doesn't matter. These two stole the show. Vaughn cast McAvoy first and Fassbender after seeing their screentest.
2) The music ahhhh the muuuuusic!! Henry Jackman has never particularly made me stand up and take notice before, but XMFC's soundtrack is one of my all-time favorites. I challenge ANYONE to present me with a piece John Ottman has ever composed in his entire career that comes close to the emotional power of "Mutant & Proud" or the simple but unforgettable Magneto theme. At this point I have almost no doubt Singer will choose Ottman over Jackman, and Jackman's absence will be as noticeable as if they recast one of the leads. It was Vaughn that brought this man in after their partnership on KickAss. It was also Vaughn who defined the Magneto theme.
3) Script. As far as I'm aware, Singer never contributed to the FC script. What we saw was a mix of about 6 or so screenwriters, with Vaughn and Goldman having had to "rewrite the whole thing" after reading the script they were given.
4) Costumes and locations?
Nothing has been said either way about this one but considering the British director's decision to shoot in the UK and the American director's decision to shoot in Canada (and likely nothing in the UK), I'd say this decision fell to Matthew. Similarly, the woman Bryan hired to do costumes did not work on FC but she did work on X1-2.

I imagine Singer was in charge of the less creative producer things, like keeping things on budget and creating shooting schedules and keeping the production ball rolling. But creatively I think his contribution was telling FOX he wanted there to be a film about the X-Men when they first began.

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