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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

If they're just gonna make movies, say 3 or 4 of them and then reboot it once again in ANOTHER new universe. Then yeah Joker needs to be shown or mentioned at least in those 3 or 4 movies. If they're gonna go on forever and ever like the Bond franchise, where they did what? 20 movies over the course of 4 decades or so...then Joker still needs to be there, but they can wait quite a while. A Batman gone Bond would mean that you can do Joker by film # 7 and get away with it.

If you guys think it's gonna be a trilogy next time around then bam..another reboot, then i say it's too soon to have him as a vital character. Yet he still needs to be mentioned. I would be completely fine with a reference to him and how he exists and has tango'd with the Batman in the past. But 3 films is just too soon. There's too many villains that need some justice on the big screen before u start repeating characters from Nolans universe.

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