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Default Re: Create-A-Hero RPG Season IV IC Thread

"Everynight the dream is the same. I transform into The Valkyrie, the wings protruding from my back, ripping through my flesh, claws ripping through my fingertips. I open my eyes and I am in hell. It's smoldering, and on both sides of the narrow path are large lakes of magma. Down the path I walk alone, until I reach the end, where I am greeted by a well dressed man with a blank smile. Through the shadow cast on his face I can not see anything other than that smile. This is the closet thing I have to a relationship with my father"

Dinorah Redgrave stands in the shower, her eyes closed as the water pours down her face in a refreshing wave after a long night of fighting crime.

"Keep it up Dinorah. You are doing great. You are a beacon of hope in a hopeless world" she thinks to herself as she runs a bar of soap down from her shoulder across her chest.

"Dinorah! Come down for dinner!" Her grandmother Verona yells from downstairs. Dinorah turns off the water and exits the shower. She looks in the mirror and sees a man standing behind her in the mirror. A shadowy figure with long hair and glowing eyes.

"Sweet Dinorah, sweet think you are a hero? You think that your mother died so that you would go on to save countless lives? My dear sweet girl, your mother gave birth to the Antichrist. You're no are pure evil, you just don't know it yet." He says.
Dinorah turns around and he vanishes into thin air.

"What the hell was that?" Dinorah says, her senses flaring as her eyes glow


Jack Barret stands in his office atop the BarretTech building in down town Legacy City. He is looking out his window overlooking all of Lost Haven. The rain pouring down on the busy city as the citizens below buzz to and from underneath their umbrellas trying to keep dry.

He takes a sip of his Gin and Tonic as he observes the scenery. Grey clouds cover the sky and drown out the sun. A crack of thunder is heard and rain begins to fall from the sky.

Jack lights a cigar and exhales the smoke from his nose, lost in thought. He sees his reflection in the glass window. He studies his face for a bit, almost as if he is trying to see through himself. Then, a shadowy figure appears behind him. His hair is long and black, his skin is cocaine white.

"And people think I am a monster. For shame, Jack. For Shame." The shadowy figure says.

Jack turns around quickly but there is no one behind him. Perhaps it was a figment of his imagination, maybe it was the alcohol. Jack takes a moment to collect himself before heading to his desk where he takes a seat and props his feet off. His secretary, Mercedes, enters the room.

"Mr. Barret, I'm sorry to disturb you but Mr. Howard is here, he says it's important..." Mercedes says

"Must be for him to be here this late. Send him in, Mercedes" Jack says, exhaling smoke from his nose.

Trent Howard, head of the Distribution department, comes in with a stern look on his face.

"I have to say, Barret, I still don't understand why you decided to move our headquarters from New York to Lost Haven but all I know is that it rains too damn much here, old friend.." Trent says, nodding with a smile as he takes a seat.

"I grew up here, Trent. In a post-Invasion Lost Haven this is the perfect place to start over. I've always loved this place and the economy is booming around here now with the rebuilding."
Jack says

"Sentimental AND practical. Glad to see things never change, heh. Ugh...look Jack. There is something going on, and I'm not sure what to make of it. There was about $750,000 worth of BarretTech inventory that went missing during a shipment to the Army. The stuff that went missing was all highly advanced weapons and tech. All of it, just gone. We have no idea how this could have happened. We did a full audit of everything going out, had no reported problems on the delivery and came up several items short on the return" Trent says.

"This is unfortunate, Trent. Very unfortunate. You understand that if this gets out to the press, then you have completely screwed the pooch here. Jobs might be lost" Jacks says before sighing

Jack shakes his head as he exhales his cigar smoke before pouring himself another drink, this time a bit of brandy, before sharing an awkward bit of silence with Trent.

"I'll see to it that it doesn't come to that, Jack. What do we do now?" Trent asks

"All we can do is watch and see how this plays out. Should get pretty interesting when we find out where that Tech lands" Jack says


Later on that night, Rain continues to fall relentlessly down upon the moonlit streets of Lost Haven. Smoke billows from the sewers as steam rises from streets. It's a cold wet night and the mood is just as dark as the sky above.

The White Knight stands on top of The BarretTech building overlooking the entire city, lost in thought.

"It's not stealing if the property belongs to me in the first place" The White Knight thinks to himself before accelerating into the air and taking slight across the night sky. His glowing yellow eyes look like shooting stars across the clouds.

Tonight, Jack Barret watches over Lost Haven, protecting those who need it, for he is a silent guardian. A White Knight.

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