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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

Originally Posted by Carnage27 View Post

Charles says his goodbyes, and we head out, "We should probably take your car."

"Why's that?"

"Because mine's stolen," I say, hoping into the front seat of his. "So what's the plan, Professor?"
"First things first. We need to go back to my house."

The car carrying Charles and Logan went north, out of the city and into the suburbs. An hour later, the car was parked outside the Xavier mansion. Charles and Logan climbed out the car and walked towards the knocked down door.

"Someone's been here," he said as they walked over the fallen door. Debris and wood chunks were scattered inside the foyer. "Not the same people who took the students, but different people under different orders. I can feel their psychic imprints here."

Charles led Logan down into the basement and to a steel-reinforced armored door. "Luckily, they didn't get in here."

A retinal scan flashed across the room.

"Identify," a robotic voice said from the door.

"Charles Francis Xavier and guest."

The door hissed and swung open, revealing metallic floors and metallic walls leading into the dark. One by one, florescent lights kicked on and revealed the long hallway with reinforced doors.

"Welcome, Professor," the door said.

"Humble setup ya got here," Logan muttered. "Awful cozy."

"I was on a bit of a post-modern kick when I decorated."

Charles led Logan down the corridor and into a room marked "CEREBRO." The cramped room was filled with electronics. In the middle of the room,six LED computer monitors were gathered in a semi-circle around a plush chair with headgear resting on it.

"This is Cerebro, my pride and joy. The headgear amplifies my psychic abilities and it sends a pulse out through communications channels. That's connected to satellites that circle the globe. Using this, I can find any mutant on the planet. It's how I found you, and it's how I'll find my students. You asked about the plan? It's simple, I use Cerebro to find them, then I find more mutants to assist us in freeing them. While I am hesitant to include others into our fight, it's the only option I can see."

Charles stepped forward and sat down in the chair, looking up at Logan.

"You've been in your share of fights, Logan. Do you see another angle to approach this with that I am unable to see?"

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